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Healthcare Professionals

We offer regular training and refresher courses throughout the year to develop the skills of Stop Smoking Advisors including pharmacotherapy updates, pregnancy and shisha.

Posters, leaflets and business cards are available to healthcare professionals. Please contact us or email info@breathestopsmoking.org to order.

LEVEL 2 Advisor Training-Breathe  offer four level 2 Advisor trainings across the  year.

Professionals registering to attend level 2 trainings are requested to complete ‘NCSCT online Practitioner training course’ as a mandatory requirement prior to attending Level 2 training session. Unfortunately you will not be allowed to attend Level 2 training course unless we have received a certificate of  completion for your online NCSCT  course. Link to access online NCSCT training: http://elearning.ncsct.co.uk/practitioner_training-registration

This training is open to health professionals in Camden and Islington only.

Upcoming Courses (courses will be published here when they are available for booking):

Course Type: Level 2

Breathe Stop Smoking - Level 2 Training

13 September, 2024 | 9:30 am | 8 hours

Face to Face

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Course Type: Update

Breathe Stop Smoking Update Training

17 September, 2024 | 7:30 pm | 2 hours


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