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Due to the rapid spread of the new Coronavirus (COVID-19),  government recommendations mean that services across the country need to make changes in how they deliver stop smoking services.

As of 16th March 2020, all Breathe face-to-face sessions will transfer to telephone support. You can speak to our advisors and receive the same expert, personalised support on the phone. Your advisor will talk you through various options available to help you stop smoking and agree a schedule of support telephone calls with you.

You can contact the Breathe team:

You can download our ‘Quit With Bella’ app on Android, iOS and Alexa. Bella is your personal stop smoking coach that has been trained by expert advisors who have helped thousands of people stop smoking. Bella runs on the latest evidence so you know you are getting help you can trust.

Why quit smoking now?

It is still vitally important that smokers get help to quit because smoking harms the immune system. Smokers are therefore less protected against infections like coronavirus. Smokers are therefore at greater risk of:
■ getting acute respiratory infections
■ infections lasting longer
■ infections being more serious than it would be for someone who does not smoke

Dr Nick Hopkinson, Reader in Respiratory Medicine at Imperial College London and Chair of ASH explains the relationship between smoking and COVID-19 and the key messages for smokers in the video here.

Research in the New England Journal of Medicine from COVID-19 patients in China, shows that smokers were about 1.5 times more likely to see their disease progress to the severe stage compared to non-smokers. You can view the full research here.

Can I still have my CO reading taken?

For your protection, carbon monoxide (CO) monitoring will stop for the time being.

What about my stop smoking medications? 

We have made sure you can continue to receive stop smoking medications and there are different options available. Your advisor will provide further guidance on this. If you are running low on your stop smoking medications, please contact the team as soon as possible on 020 3633 2609.

I am pregnant and want to stop smoking, what can I do? 

Please contact the team on  We can provide you with expert advice and support by telephone and stop smoking medications to help you be successful.

Health care and other professionals

Please continue to refer patients through the website, by calling 020 3633 2609 or email